More than 70 students received support from the Emergency Fund

10-08-2022 | 12:28

Since the start of the crowdfunding campaign for financial aid to students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, more than 125,000 euros have been raised! We are overwhelmed by the enormous amount of reactions and grateful for the many donations we have received since 3 March.

A selection of the many heartwarming messages of support: 

'So that affected students do not also have to discontinue their education and so that we keep building a future where the academic world remains a bridge in a world full of conflict.'

'Students who experience generosity will be future ambassadors for peace and will trust their neighbours.'

'It must be terrible to suddenly not be able to go back to your "home", to have no means of existence. With a financial contribution, I hope to be able to contribute to making these students feel supported and taken care of.'

These words show an enormous commitment which the students from affected areas need so much right now. On their behalf, too, we would like to thank you very much! 

We have already helped more than 70 UvA students who have run into problems as a result of the war. With a contribution from the emergency fund, we have been able to limit their financial worries, so that they can focus on their future and finish their studies at the UvA.

We also received moving comments and expressions of gratitude from the supported students, some of which we would like to share with you:

"Once again, thank you very much for your understanding and for granting this fund! It helped me not only financially but also mentally as it allowed me to not stress about my budget as much and focus more on the last courses of my first year. My family and I really appreciate the support and we feel happy that the university is ready to help students during such worrisome times." 

"I really appreciate the fact that you supported us in a monetary way. It helped me significantly and I cannot imagine what would I do without this money. Currently, the situation is a bit better. I mean, a lot of my friends from Ukraine and I feel that, unfortunately, this will be a long conflict. And we have to learn how to live with that. For me, studies became the way of escapism. During last months I've been working excessively and I already see the reflection of it in my grades."

We still receive new applications from students in need. We want to continue our efforts for them as well, which is why  will remain possible to donate.

Once again, we thank you for everything you have made possible so far!