Support UvA students during the corona crisis!

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Crowdfunding for UvA students in financial distress

We are living in exceptional times. The corona crisis is having a major impact on all of us, particularly on the most vulnerable groups in society. The measures taken by the government to prevent the further spreading of the corona virus have also affected students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Students may find themselves in difficult circumstances during this crisis. For example, students who have had to suspend their research or internship abroad, students who are unable to return to the Netherlands or to their home country, and students who are losing vital income due to the loss of their part-time job. For some of them, these are frightening and uncertain times.

The UvA and the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) want to ensure that these students have something to fall back on and are therefore committed to those who are at risk of ending up in serious financial trouble as a result of this crisis. For this we need your help!

Support students in need: please make a donation today!

All contributions and initiatives to raise funds yourself are welcome. Only together we can really make a difference. That is why the AUF supports this initiative with grants from available funds. Let's help them regain their sense of security and make sure they are able to continue their studies.

The UvA and the AUF are seeing to it that your contribution is donated to the right students. For more information, see the FAQs.

On behalf of the students, thank you very much for your contribution!

Do you have questions about the crowdfunding campaign?
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'Now that I don't use public transport to get to the UvA, I have temporarily suspended my public transport subscription. Since the tax allowance will continue, I think the crowdfunding campaign is a good use of this allowance'.

Jan Lintsen, member of the Executive Board of the UvA


'Suppose you're a student in Amsterdam. You pay your tuition fees, the rent of your (far too expensive) student room, your insurances, your sports club, etc. You only study once, so you make the best of it. You receive a loan from DUO and you also work about 17 hours a week. That way you'll be fine. Then comes the corona crisis. You had a flex contract in the hospitality industry, so you get fired. The government can't help you, because students are not eligible for the current compensation schemes. And, unfortunately, you don't have any savings or parents who can support you financially. All this is making you very anxious..

This isn't me, but this is the story of many Amsterdam students. Half of all young people in The Netherlands have a flex contract. 43 percent of the students depend on the income from their secondary job. Moreover, studying has become much more expensive due to the introduction of the loan system. This crisis can put students in serious financial problems. They really need our help. Please donate!'

Floor, 3rd year student Political Science

Where does my donation go to?
All donations are collected by the Amsterdam University Fund and are allocated to the AUF Student Fund. 

What is the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF)?
The Amsterdam University Fund is the independent support foundation of the University of Amsterdam. Donations received are spent according to the intentions of the donors. Each donation is entirely for the benefit of the chosen cause. The University Fund is recognized as a charity by the Central Bureau for Fundraising (CBF) and is considered by the tax authorities to be an Institution for Public Welfare (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI).

Go to for more information.

Is my donation to the Amsterdam University Fund tax-deductible?
Yes, the Amsterdam University Fund Foundation is a recognized charity and designated as an ANBI by the tax authorities. Donations are tax-deductible from income or corporation tax. This also applies to donations through crowdfunding. Click here for more information.


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Al ruim dertig studenten geholpen!

29-07-2020 | 18:46 De crowdfundingsactie van de UvA en het Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds, voor studenten die vanwege de coronacrisis in ernstige financiële problemen dreigen te raken, heeft tot nu toe al bijna 31.000 euro opgebracht. Inmiddels zijn 33 studenten geholpen met een beurs. Enkelen van hen zagen zich bijna genoodzaakt hun studie af te breken. We verwachten de komende periode nog meer studenten die onze steun nodig hebben. Daarom gaan we in ieder geval tot de start van het komend collegejaar door met de crowdfundingsactie. De studenten Sam en Lucy werden hard geraakt door de coronacrisis. Zij ontvingen daarom een beurs van het Amsterdams Universiteitsfonds. Lees hier hun verhaal.
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