The first scholarships have been granted!

02-06-2020 | 15:28

Update 2 June

On 23 April we launched the campaign 'Support the UvA students during the corona crisis! We have been overwhelmed by the many donations and expressions of support we have received since then. On behalf of the UvA, the Amsterdam University Fund and all students, we thank you very much for your support!

Almost six weeks have passed and we have raised a wonderful amount of money. In no time we raised 10,000 euros and the Executive Board of the UvA announced to double that amount!
Currently we have received 30,462 euros in donations and the first scholarships have been granted to students in need.

We will continue with our crowdfunding campaign, because we are not there yet. The higher the amount we raise, the more students we can help. So all the support remains very much needed. You can help us by bringing this cause to the attention of your family, friends, colleagues or former classmates. Together we can really make a difference for these students.

On behalf of all students at the UvA, thank you once again for your contribution!

Kind regards,

Carolyn Wever
director Amsterdam University Fund