A safe haven for refugee students and researchers

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, the Amsterdam University Fund (AUF) supported around 75 UvA students from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Many of our donors felt affected by a war so close to home. But wars are also raging elsewhere and academics and students can find themselves in unsafe situations. Through the Study Without Borders Fund, we do our best to give these people a safe haven, too.

Academics and students all over the world receive threats because of their critical questions, their work, or their ideas. They need peace, protection, and academic freedom to be able to share their knowledge. By offering these people a safe place to study or work at the University of Amsterdam, we are able to safeguard public and independent knowledge.

With a grant from the Study without Borders Fund, we can offer refugee students and academics a safe place to study or work at the University of Amsterdam. But we can’t do this without financial contributions from our donors. Will you help us? 

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