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Scholars and students of the University of Amsterdam will excavate in 2019 in ancient Troy in Turkey. Our research is part of a programme of Turkish-Dutch collaboration. The Amsterdam team is specifically focusing on the Archaeology of Archaeology at Troy. We investigate the research methods and remains of the archaeologists who have worked at the site in the past. Rather than hoping to find the Trojan war or the horse, we are looking for the process of archaeology itself! Background to the project Troy is one of the most renowned archaeological sites in the world. The Homeric stories of the Trojan war and, in particular, the horse have stirred the imagination for centuries. Archaeological excavations have been conducted in the citadel considered to be Troy since 1863. Famous archaeologists have conducted large-scale excavations at the site, such as Heinrich Schliemann, Wilhelm Dörpfeld, Carl Blegen and Manfred Korfmann. In 2016, Turkish archaeologists, directed by Professor Rüstem Aslan of the Onsekiz Mart University in Çanakkale have begun new excavations at Troy. And they have asked scholars and students from the University of Amsterdam to participate. The Amsterdam team is led by Dr. Gert Jan van Wijngaarden. This summer, together with his students, he will conduct experimental, innovating research at this mythical place. Relevance of the research In the more than 150 years of excavations at Troy, a lot has changed in archaeological field practice. Just think of the introduction of photography and film, of new dating methods and of new theoretical approaches and digital documentation. For this reason, the Dutch archaeologists focus specifically on the importance of Troy for the history of archaeological fieldwork: Archaeology of Archaeology. We want to know what the influence has been of these developments on interpretation about Troy. This will help us to understand better the process of archaeology itself. What will we do? In the summer of 2019, Dr van Wijngaarden and six students will excavate at four spots in the citadel of Troy. We will re-open two old trenches, which were originally excavated in 1894 and 1990 respectively. Also, we excavate in dump heaps of excavations from 1873 and 1936. In addition, we will study the documentation from the older excavations, which is available in Troy itself and in Tübingen (G) and Cincinnati (USA). The data in these old documents can be compared to the situation in the Trojan soil. What will you contribute to? We ask your help in financing this extraordinary project. Your contribution will be used to cover logistic costs of the project: travel expenses, housing, car rental etc. As a contributor, you will be informed regularly and propmptly about our discoveries while excavating in Troy!
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17-03-2019 | 11:08 To: Amsterdam Troy Project 2019 Graag steun ik dit interessante en innovatieve project van mijn collega's en studenten.