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Who?  The UvA-Orchestra J.Pzn Sweelinck, known as the Sweelinckorchestra, is a student orchestra that is connected to the University of Amsterdam which consists of eighty young enthusiastic members that who make music on a high level, besides their studies. Every year the orchestra performs in great music halls such as the Muziekgebouw aan t’IJ and The Concertgebouw What?  This spring the orchestra is embarking on a new program that is quite different from other regular programs that the Sweelinckochestra usually plays and even different from programming of professional orchestra’s. We want to collaborate with the young and talented musicians of the Nieuw Amsterdams Klarinet Kwartet, composer Willem van Merwijk and director Pepijn Cladder. These four parties together want to organize three unique concerts, were the concert in The Concertgebouw will be our last. We want to make it unique by performing the world premier of the piece Rios that is composed specially for the Sweelinckorchestra and the clarinet quartet by Guillermo Lago (pseudonym for Willem van Merwijk). The audience will be triggered in others ways that usual with the help of director Pepijn Cladder. The musician will be moving though the concert hall during the concert and in the intermission the audience will be lured back inside by fragments of the music of the second part of the concert. Why do we need your help? We really need your financial support for this project! If you make a donation you will enable the possibility for renting The Concertgebouw and perform on the stage in which such great names perform every day. But you also enable the educational and informative experience for the members of the orchestra to perform and learn from the professionals that participate in this project. This collaboration really inspires our musicians to keep on playing and practicing their instrument. But probably the most important contribution you will make when donating to this project is enabling that we want to break through the mature classical concert experience and attract a young public that we want to bring in contact to classical music by performing an approachable program. We are already supported by different funds and our orchestra members also contribute financialy to take part in this project. However, there is still a gap left that we want to fill by this crowdfunding.  Especially in a time where less and less people are playing an instrument and classical music seems to become something for an elite group, it is of the utmost importance to realise a project like this one.  
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26-04-2019 | 13:35 To: Sweelinckorchestra on stage with NAKK Fantastisch al die studenten die zo genieten van samen op hoog niveau musiceren! (Trotse ouders)