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The Amsterdam University Fund is a non-profit organisation and a recognised charity. We welcome donations in any amount and will make sure that the money is spent accordingly.

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With the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 the world as we know it has changed.  The UvA is closely monitoring the situation in the affected areas and is in contact with staff and students who are currently in Ukraine or Russia, and with students and staff from the region who study or work here in Amsterdam. We feel a responsibility towards all affected students, regardless of their origin or nationality.   We want to offer help and we support students and staff who also wish to do so. At this time, the situation in Ukraine is causing acute problems among Ukrainian, Russian and Belarussian students in terms of finances, study progress and residency status/visas. To help these students continue their studies in Amsterdam, we are starting an emergency fund.  Would you like to support UvA students who are affected by the situation in Ukraine? Donate now!   All contributions, in whatever size, shape or form, are valuable and are greatly appreciated. You can also start a fundraiser to get others involved, and you can share this crowdfunding campaign via social media.   On behalf of all of our students affected by this crisis, we would like to thank you very much for your support! 
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Fam. Lugters

16-05-2022 | 16:12 To: Heidrunn ringvaart